Post 69: Place Sexual Reference Here

As this post is destined to have a somewhat adult overtone, I thought I would just go straight to the personals on CL. After all, isn’t that how true love starts? If your answer is different, La La La I can’t hear you!

i was looking – m4w (land near the sea)

you took your car to the mecchanic shop early in the morning. i was checking you out and you knew i was, i saw you kill a bug on the windshield with a napkin. hit me up i would like to meet you message me with the type of car you took in

Nothing sexier than a woman squishing a bug.

your eyes. – m4w

I took a look at your eyes while we were talking I’ll admit I got a stiff message me

Really? Some guys are so easy.

There’s something fishy about this ad.

Man seeking dolphin – m4w (Some Beach)

body : curvy height : 6’2″ (187cm) interests : Swimming, eating fish, EEEEEEEE

I saw you from afar when surfing last saturday. I fell in love with your smooth satiny skin and your toothy grin. You were swimming north. Looking to start out as friends, and then grow our friendship into beautiful long lasting g relationship. I know Society will frown on it, but rules were meant to be broken.

I don’t eat fish, but I’m willing to convert for you.


Sunrise surfer

I don’t expect much if he just wants a g relationship.

Starbucks and my dreams – m4w – 35 (Degobah)

We met over a frosted coffee beverage.

You gave me that sexy look and I spilled my coffee

You laughed but came over to talk to me. I am shy.

We hung out, but I had to leave for work.

Let’s meet again

I drew this picture on how I think you look naked.

Oh I hope you are unshaven. I love that look.

Sorry, not gonna include the drawing. This dude hasn’t seen many women naked.

And to give the ladies equal ish time.

Party Sat 5/30 in No. WayJose – w4m

body : curvy height : 5’7″ (170cm) status : single

You were the handsome young black man sitting in the chair by the fire. I was the blond in the black dress talking to the guy sitting next to you. I’d like to know you better. If you see this, and want to know me better, msg me.

For this next one, we need the decoder ring. Anyone?

Yes yes yes – w4mm – 21 (Nc) age : 21 body : fit

Was leaving the gas station getting swishers and you and your boy were looking at me and smiled as you held the door open for me. Idk if you thought I was cute or smiled because I smelt like dank. I know this is a long shot but I am real.i have lots of tree if u were wondering hmu if you think you remember. Hell I may just b crazy

No may b about it, Sparkett. That’s enough for today.

10 thoughts on “Post 69: Place Sexual Reference Here

  1. “I took a look at your eyes while we were talking I’ll admit I got a stiff message me”

    I took a look at your eyes while we were talking. I’ll admit I got a stiff message, me.

    So, did I punctuate that correctly?

    I don’t think I need to know what a “stiff message” is, but at least he didn’t say massage.

    Liked by 1 person

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