Post 70: Truth is Stranger than Sparky

The first rule of garage sales is to make everything look nice. Clean the clothes and hang them up. Polish the silverware. Dust the end tables. Make the nicknacks natty. I think that’s why Sparky uses Craigslist, where nothing needs to be in good shape.

Hideous hanging lamp (Holy Fifties )

Featured image

Only one missing pendant.

And if you are selling an animal of some sort, be sure to brush and wash the critter.

Chilean Male Llama – $400 (Ruination)

Two and a half year old male llama.

Good with people, perfect for kids

Chile has lots of mountains and the llama is good at going up hill.

Featured image

Or down hill.

Featured image

Or on the flat lands.

Featured image

If the item to be sold has parts, be sure they are all attached. Actually in the place where they belong.

Free Chair (Poop Canyon Dr Spitoon, CA)

Featured image
Free chair. Need to get it out of my garage. Just needs to have legs reattached. First come, first serve.

Don’t expect these sales to be stationery.

Condo Moving Sale-Some new items added (Richbiatch)

Moving and downsizing sale:

Free Chair that reclines, sides a bit damaged
TC – Cadie 400 $85
Daytrek golf bag with clubs, glove and brand new and used golf balls $275
Colorful queen size blanket 86 x 86 rarely used $45
Men’s brand new shoes size 11 1/2 $120 ( only one pair )
Women’s shoes size 8 1/2 $25 and 2 pairs of sandals and tops and capri/shorts
Summer dress and garden gloves
Brand New berghoff 10″ ( 26 cm ) Gourmet Copper Clad Fry Pan $35
Brand new women’s 6 pack of buffalo socks $7
Like new jones new york one piece dress size 8 $25
Northern song ( wolf ) framed by sue coleman
print size approx inches 9 x 12 and the frame is
approx 13 1/2″ high and width approx 11″$25
DVDs – movie’s $3 and fitness dvd’s $5
Like new brazil butt lift dvds rarely used $50 – Sold
Like new twin blanket with pattern $10
Brand new candle in box
Tennis raquet with cover $20
Brand New pyrex 3 – pc mixing bowl set cranberry comes with one lid $45
And a few more item’s

Featured image

By appointment only

I will then give you the buzzer # thank you.

Don’t buzz me, I’ll buzz you. Thanks for the first one, Ralph, and that last one, NinjaChow.

12 thoughts on “Post 70: Truth is Stranger than Sparky

    • I’m looking through the last Sparky’s long list of items, and with all the things stated I just can’t see anything I would be interested in….whoa!!!…wait a minute…hold the phone!!!!….is that what I think it is?…yes!!….it is…it’s a Not.A Lion. blanket….I can’t believe it….here on YSaC, er, I mean, WTFetc..way to go Ms.Chow!!!


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  1. My parents and I moved to a condo once. We unloaded he truck and started unpacking. The very next morning, we packed everything back up, reloaded the truck, and left. People wonder how I managed to move over 50 times before I graduated from high school.

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  2. Ooh, hanging lamps – seventies flashbacks, stained glass hanging lamps and shag carpet. Sparky is at least honest in his description, that lamp is hideous.

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