Post 71: Plans for the Weekend

Once upon a time, I knew some people who spent all their free time at lakes on their boat. They had water skis and beer and swim suits. They would take the boat just about anywhere. And most of the time it came back with them.

Then on this one weekend, when they had more beer than usual, they motored around the lake and picked up new friends. Hi, new friends! Sure, there’s room! We’re out of life preservers, but that shouldn’t matter. Come on, join us. Sadly, there came a time when the poor boat couldn’t take any more and started taking on water. Goodbye, new friends! Goodbye, boat! Goodbye, beer! Hello, Allstate?

free boat trailer

Featured image

free 16 foot boat trailer for scrap 406 Washington St, Gloucester, MA 01930
with a old boat on trailer

need gone come get it tide to pole

That’s a really big tide. Thanks for the memories, Ralph!

7 thoughts on “Post 71: Plans for the Weekend

  1. Wish I coulda been there to see Sparky’s reaction when he sobered up and saw what he did when he tried to launch his boat in the dark. I bet he was pissed….he was angry….he was fit to be tide!!!!

    Just hope Reaganomics is right….a rising tide lifts all boats……

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  2. That must have been a huge lake to have a tide as big as this.

    Attach more flotation, wait for a high tide, and enlist the help of some visiting navy personnel. The Яussians are Coming, the Яussians are Coming! Most Poles will reluctantly move in that situation.

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