Post 75: Bold as Bass

Most suburban home owners have occasions when things in their yards need to be removed. Most S.H.O.s will hire someone to come and haul away the thing to be removed. Most S.H.O.s actually store their boats on their property, instead of leaving it beside a country road. Not Sparky.

Bass boat no trailer (lowcation)

Featured image
what you see is what you get.
FREE BOAT, you’re s for the taking. I need it GONE.
Condition unknown.
no motor.
no title.
no trailer.
Don’t ask me if it’s still there. If this posting is up, it’s still there.
parked on a county road – Crying Trail, Lowcation
easy to get to.
HEAVY, bring a BIG trailer.
Happy fishing!

No, Sparky left his boat by the side of the road, and probably would not have thought about it again until someone traced the boat to him and is going to fine him a ship-load of money if he doesn’t remove it. And so a Craigslist Classic was born.

By the way, if you are a lurker, like we had back in the YsaC days, give me a shout out to make me feel better about the whole blog. Thanks!

19 thoughts on “Post 75: Bold as Bass

    • Brody….”You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

      Hooper…”Hey Quint…I’ve got an idea!…Let’s check Craigslist, maybe they’ve got something!”

      Quint……”Now Mr.Hooper….I got no time to play wet-nurse to a bunch of Sparkies! Let’s go fishing!”

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  1. Shout out from “always-lurking” here. Though not the big boat we once were, I still enjoy the quips from those who’ve stayed on board. Hat tip to you all. Hang in there.

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