Post 87: Toy Story Canada

I don’t mean to pick on our neighbors to the north, but one or two people who send me ads for consideration happen to live there. So when a huge toy moves a whole garage, and then promises you can find anything you want, I tend to take notice. Did I mention there are photos? Yeah, Sparky is a shutter bug. Just remember I warned you, because you can’t unsee these huge toys. Continue reading

Post 85: Thereby Hangs a Beaver Tail.

Who let Sparky out in the riparian wilderness with implements of destruction? How did he get close enough to a beaver to cut off the tail? Now there are all those poor tailless beavers at the river, begging for food. “Will Work for Wood.” “Buddy, can you spare a sapling?” There ought to be a law. Continue reading

Post 84: Don’t Fear the Furries

Once upon a time, a certain well known and very quick to sue company that had some amusement parks and did lots of fairy tales as animated classics produced a version of Robin Hood using animals as the main characters. That is the moment historians point to as the start of the Furry culture. You see, Furries are people who like to dress up in animal costumes and be that animal. Sex may be involved. Continue reading