Post 76: Couched in Our Indifference

Couches, like just about everything in life, come into style and then go out again. Sometimes they hang around even though no one wants them anymore. After a decade of kids peeing on the couch and animals scratching on it, it sort of becomes one of the family. Like Uncle Marv who has no where else to go. And he’s always trying to bum cigarettes off you.

Free Couch Placename (Justoverdahill)

Featured image

Nice couch great condition. No smoking. Upper Placename very clean.

Featured image

Yes, it’s the couch everyone had! Now, it’s your turn to have it. You can’t shirk your family responsibility. Uncle Marv will be waiting at the curb.

13 thoughts on “Post 76: Couched in Our Indifference

  1. If not everyone owned me,
    Would you still remember me?
    For I must be traveling on now
    ‘Cause there’s too many houses I’ve got to see.

    And my condition is great, and
    There’s no smoking, and I’m clean.
    ‘Cause I’m a free ugly couch now,
    And the pattern, you can’t stand, oh oh oh oh,
    And the pattern, you can’t stand,
    And the pattern, you can’t stand,
    Lord knows you can’t stand.

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    • Please don’t tell me these couches used to be solid white…..this is what happens when everyone does everything on the couch that everyone owned….

      …and don’t try to blame it all on Uncle Marv!!!!

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  2. Oh I remember those couches, but to find a non-smoking one, that is very rare. That must be why Sparky’s couch survived so long. All the ones I knew have gone to couch heaven a long time ago (probably from smoking related illnesses).

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  3. Yes, my parents did own each of those couches. One when I was in high school, the other when they were living in my house. I however, have only owned one couch in my entire life. I still own it. It is built into my domicile. It is worse than either of those couches. I haz a sad.

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