Post 77: Magic!

People of different races were once not allowed to marry. People of the same sex were until recently not allowed to marry. At this time, dating outside your species is still frowned upon, except maybe in Florida and Alabama. Too bad, because there is a lot of money to be made. Can anyone help Sparky out here?

Miniature White Poodle Mating

My puppy is 2 years old female Maltipoo who is very cute and lovely.
I’m looking for a male poodle for mating. I can pay $100 for the mating.
Please text me if you have a miniature white poodle !

Thanks. Magic

Yes, it’s Magic! When you look across the room and see that miniature white poodle with the little blue bow in his hair, and you send your 2 year old off for her nap. That’s when the magic mating happens. Good luck, Sparky.

12 thoughts on “Post 77: Magic!

  1. Hey little poodle what have you done?
    Hey little poodle who’s the lovely one?
    Hey little poodle who’s your Maltipoo?
    Hey little poodle who”s the one you want?
    Hey little poodle- MAGIC!!!!!

    It’s a nice day to mate again…..
    It’s a nice day for a white Maltipoo…
    It’s a nice day to….MATE AGAIN!!!!!!

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  2. If Sparky already has a Maltipoo puppy, then Sparky is probably a Maltese with a thing for poodles. On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

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  3. Why would anybody want to breed any kind of poo? Malti-, Multi-, or otherwise. Oodles of -doodles I can understand, but not poos.

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