Post 78: Cat Scratch Fever

I know I am not the sharpest tack in the drawer. However, I have to admit I don’t think this Sparky is for real. Especially with the photos “Lou” selected for “pussy.” The whole ad might even be code for I am selling your drug of choice, trade can be arranged.

Free “pussy”

m rehoming my bff “pussy” I cant keep her anymore She scratched my face last night and thats fucked up. She also shit on my fav pair of vans. Shes cool most of the time- i think its just time for us to part. Someone with patience. Im not it.

Featured imageFeatured image

Pussy is yours if you want it. A month supply of kitty litter And ill throw in my current dj mix – “bone broth”

Help pussy find her forever home!!!!!! Pleaseeeee Pussy is fixed/ shes young like 2 Txt me or call me


Sorry, Sparky Lou, I’m not it either. Good luck, and by good luck I mean may your reproductive organs fall with lots of suffering and may you get the same love and care as you have provided for your alleged pet.

10 thoughts on “Post 78: Cat Scratch Fever

  1. Sparky obviously was not a good minion to poor pussy, that’s why he got scratched and his shoes soiled. If Sparky had done his research he would have realized that cats are evil overlords and their humans are there strictly do do their bidding.

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