Post 81: Mermaid’s Tears

Wow. Now and then, while seeking to make fun of a Craigslist ad, I actually learn something. My original point is that the item for sale here is actually hand made pendants featuring sea glass. Because, you know, one would need one’s own private ocean in order to hand make sea glass. So I learned that

A. Sea Glass was called Mermaid’s Tears once upon a time
II. That Sea Glass has been around for as long as people have been able to produce glass.
c. That Sea Glass might be from trash dumped in the ocean by primitive tribes who live near such.
And 4. Sea Glass and Beach Glass are two different things.

All that history and information, culture and skill, and what does Sparky do with it?

hand made sea glass pendants – $5 (SEASHORE)

Featured image

Custom made sea glass pendants of all shapes sizes and colors wrapped in your choice of wire. Rose, turquoise, black, gold, silver.

$5per pendant

Comes on a silver chain.

Let me know the color of glass and the color wire you would like.

Well, at least the photo is pretty.

10 thoughts on “Post 81: Mermaid’s Tears

  1. Well, I hope she doesn’t change her mind and undo all of that. That is, unless she needs tax relief. That would be a bucket load of de-pendants.

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  2. Um, I’ve been noticing that when I reread older posts that many of the pictures no longer show up. Does that happen in your neck of the woods too, or just in the upper lower forty-eight?


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