Post 82: Canine Capers

You Suck at Craigslist had a strict rule. If you can’t spell the breed name, you can’t have the dog. If Sparky is off by one letter, however, should we make an exception? OR does this mean the entire country of Pomerania is their baby? Because it really isn’t a country.


Featured image

this is our baby, shes six years old we cant have her no long because we cant afford her needs… she has id number, current shots,current dewormed,rabies, and we just got take her to the groomer.. $300 rehoming fee

Based on the errors in the rest of the ad, no. The dog has to go.

For this pup, you have to live in a motor home or RV. And have $30, because nothing is too expensive for this old dog.

Dog to Good Home (MOVING)

Do to recent events my family and I have found ourselves needing to abruptly move, and unfortunately can not bring our dog along with us. He is an older, smaller dog. All black with white chest. Has a cute under bite due to being part lab and part Boston Terrier. Very quiet and loving. Great with kids of all ages. Plays fetch well and will nap all day if you let him. Rehoming fee is $30 just to make sure he goes some where nice. For pictures or to set up a meeting please contact me at (phone number)

Parts is parts. All black with a white chest. I can’t even.

Wiener puppy (dachshund)

Featured image

Beautiful male wieny puppy
100% purebreed
Very loving
And very long
Asking rehoming fee of 350
Very healthy , I can deliver local
He needs a good home (:
Hit reply and my # will show up
Feel free to call or text me

Get a long, little doggie! Wait, is that his wieny in the photo? I’m done.

10 thoughts on “Post 82: Canine Capers

  1. Hmm, the wieny dog is very long but the Pomerania is no long. Perhaps if you adopt them both, they will cancel each other out and both be of ordinary length.

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  2. “We dun need munny…what we gon’ do? I gots it! Imma sell the dog!”

    “Dang, Cleetus, that’s a derned good ‘dea ya gots. What’sa rehoming?”

    “Dats just Craigslist fancy-speak for price. Ya calls it Dat and then ya sells yer dog.”

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  3. we cant have her no long because we cant afford her needs…

    Yet you can afford the $150 playset your human child is on. I’m thinking this is a case of “too much trouble to bother anymore” and you see your furry “baby” as a means of quick income.

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  4. Sparky #1 I hope you didn’t pay for that trip to the groomer, that is not what a Pomerania is supposed to look like.
    Sparky #2, is that a Labrador/Boston Terrier cross or a Boston Terrier that was developed in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab?
    Sparky #3, before you bought your wiener dog did you check the descriptions of what they look like, you know like short legs, long body?

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  5. [rant] The shelters are full of older dogs that people like Sparky #1 & #2 give up when they start to cost money in vet bills. What happens when Sparky #1’s precious snowflake in the background starts getting expensive/annoying, is it getting re-homed too? [end rant]

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