Post 83: Good Help is Hard to Agree On

These days, even a two-parent household can find it difficult to meet all the needs of everyone. Junior needs to get to ball practice, Sissy is going camping on the weekend, and Mom decided she needed to find herself so Dad’s gotta handle it all himself. Or does he?

Live-in Or Out House Help compensation: 10-16 per hour to be agreed upon

Dad with hands full seeking creative and house help, perhaps child care. Willing/ able to consider room and board exchange, Willing and able to consider other single parent exchange/ barter. Willing and able to consider bartering my skills for your help. Of course willing to pay you for your work at an hourly rate that we can agree on. URGENT NEED. Start ASAP?

Featured image

Outhouse help, huh? Not enough hourly wage in the world. And didn’t I see this plot in a romance novel? If not, I call dibs! Thanks, Ralph, for the inspiring ad and the cute graphic.

7 thoughts on “Post 83: Good Help is Hard to Agree On

  1. My hands are empty. I don’t have any rooms, but I do have a couple of boards I can exchange. I am not however, interested in any way, in living in your outhouse.

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  2. It’s nice to see they have single parent exchanges nowadays. It used to be that you could only exchange acquaintances, fair weather friends, and second cousins.

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