Post 84: Don’t Fear the Furries

Once upon a time, a certain well known and very quick to sue company that had some amusement parks and did lots of fairy tales as animated classics produced a version of Robin Hood using animals as the main characters. That is the moment historians point to as the start of the Furry culture. You see, Furries are people who like to dress up in animal costumes and be that animal. Sex may be involved.

There is a good market out there for animal costumes. Just in case you got the wrong order when you asked for a costume to rave about. Oh, Sparky.

Burning man & Raves costumes – $30

I ordered a bunch of costumes and gogo boots and they sent me the wrong stuff and so I have TONS left over trying to sell them off and get rid of them, can mix and match what you want

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

fake faux fur gogo boots (monster fluffies) or costume outfit. Several Different furry Furs Available to choose from there are over 30 different colors/patterns that need to be sold

Secured with elastic and clips so they are comfortable, fit you, and will stay on. Replace your leather, spandex, fishnet

For additional outfits and pictures please text and I will send more pictures again there is a ton of outfits I no longer have a need for.

Gogo boots / Leg warmers Gloves / Fingerless Mittens / Cyber Cuffs Loin Cloth Skirt Kilt Vest Bikini Boob Tube / Crop Top Mini Skirt Wrist Cuffs / Wrist Bands Neck Choker / Head band Arm Warmers / Gauntlets Shrugs Poncho Hoodie / Hoody Vest Cloak / Cape Jacket / Coat / Robe Crop Top Chaps (Assless) Cat hat Blanket

Some items have such things as pockets, stash pockets, wrist bands, shorts, long sleeve, tutu etc

Perfect costumes for Ugly sweater party parties, xmas or christmas dinners, Rave, halloween, parties, dancer, dancing, burning man, club wear, lingerie, themes, promotions, rave tickets, freestyle street, clubbing, cyber, fuzzies, furries, boot covers, goth, concerts, promo, wonderland, dub step, idenity festival, freaknight, bumpershoot, sasquatch, hempfest, EDC, Electronic daisy carnival, Paradiso, festival, Gorge amphitheater, usc events, seacompression, sea compression, bass monsters, skrillex, Decibel Festival, Tekno, Bonza Bash, tiesto, kascade, kaskade, cascade, stardust, dance nation, freak night, event brite, well worth the price of tickets in how you look

I can only put up 4 pictures but obviously have several different ones. Paul

I’d like to see the Head band Arm Warmers, please. I definitely want to pick my own. Thanks, OMV, for sharing the madness.

10 thoughts on “Post 84: Don’t Fear the Furries

    • Is “fake faux” a double negative, which makes the item described somehow become real?

      Alternatively, if the things in those photos are unreal, does that mean I can unsee them? Please?

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