Post 85: Thereby Hangs a Beaver Tail.

Who let Sparky out in the riparian wilderness with implements of destruction? How did he get close enough to a beaver to cut off the tail? Now there are all those poor tailless beavers at the river, begging for food. “Will Work for Wood.” “Buddy, can you spare a sapling?” There ought to be a law.

Beaver tails

Featured image
I have 9 beaver tails that have been in the freezer for 6 months. These are actual beaver tails not the Canadian pastry.

The white patches on them in the picture are just some frost, they look fine though.
I wanted to tan them but just don’t have the time. Pick up only.

Wait, not Canadian pastry? Real tails cut off of real beavers? That’s just not funny. Thanks, Ralph. You live in a very strange part of the world.

9 thoughts on “Post 85: Thereby Hangs a Beaver Tail.

  1. Sparky had better not cross the border into Canada, that’s our national animal you’re messing with. Maybe Sparky needs to try to mess with our Canada geese instead, I don’t think he’d come out a winner there, those birds have serious attitude.

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  2. Uh-huh, and you can definitely tell the difference between a Canada goose and an America goose. America geese go “Honk! Honk!” Whereas Canada geese go “Honk eh! Honk eh! Honk ya’ hoser!”

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  3. You know what really frosts my tail?

    Pull up a log and sit a spell.
    I’ll spin you a yarn of the beaver tail.
    A colony of beavers got accosted.
    Now their tails are really frosted.

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