Post 86: Turning Japanese

Apparently times are hard. Apparently yard sales just don’t bring in enough cash. Apparently your wife’s apparel just might get you the cash you need for probably more apparel. Cause if you keep selling her panties, Sparky, she’s going to have to go without. And then what will you sell?

Selling my hot wife’s panties

Featured image
Hot half white asian. No more pics. Discreet meet up. Off XX fwy. Wears two days. She doesn’t know I’m selling them. 31 yo. U will not meet or see her. $20. Only selling panties. . $20 each. Yes I still have them. Email when ready to pick up. Can send a pic of fresh pair for sale. Will show face pic after purchase . I am a guy selling wife’s panties. . I’m selling her panties for $20. Big pair of natural breast too . Open to requests.

Are you selling her breasts? Because I am pretty sure she will notice if she wakes up and they are gone. Dude, get a part time job, okay?

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