Post 87: Toy Story Canada

I don’t mean to pick on our neighbors to the north, but one or two people who send me ads for consideration happen to live there. So when a huge toy moves a whole garage, and then promises you can find anything you want, I tend to take notice. Did I mention there are photos? Yeah, Sparky is a shutter bug. Just remember I warned you, because you can’t unsee these huge toys.

Huge toys moving garage sale (Wet Vandcold)

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image
You can find anything you want
I promise you

Apparently that does not include punctuation. Thanks, Ninjachow! I had thought you had forsaken me!

11 thoughts on “Post 87: Toy Story Canada

  1. I got a lot of punching to do. Ralph, NinjaChow, and OMV, for last week, Punchity Punch Punch! Dave, ferrets, OMV, Dave, ferrets again, Punchity Punch Punch for this week. I wonder if the Llamanun and Ostrimu have sold the Punch-o-Matic yet?


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