Post 88: Ninja for Sale

I seem to have misplaced my ninjas. They were right here a second ago. Maybe you saw them loose somewhere? Well, they were used ninjas anyway. Let’s see if Craigslist has anything to offer.

Complete Package for sale – $2500

Featured image

I am selling everything you see excluding the human. I would prefer if all interested parties call for details.

Wow, the wall is included? No human, that’s gonna be a hard item to replace. He does seem to have a nice package, however. Sort of a Crazy 88s. Thanks, ONE!

12 thoughts on “Post 88: Ninja for Sale

  1. I would buy the gear for a birthday present for the Ninja but up here in the frozen north our ninjas aren’t allowed to carry guns. Now if the gear came with a hockey stick then we could talk.

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