Post 89: The Dog Opposite of Whisperer

Sparky had a dog. Sparky had a baby. Dog has to go. Go, dog, go!

Plot Hound (Ohmy)

A beautiful 5 year old Plot Hound—Very rare breed of dog—–Its a female and she is fixed. A very gentle animal—Newborn is reason we need to find a great family or home—You can call to get all the details—-Free to good home–

There’s one more mouth to feed in Sparkyville.

French Bulldog Male

Featured image

My name is Tosha, I have a male french bulldog born march 29th i need to rehome. He has Full UKC registration, we got him to bread him, or put him in shows, he is more then just a pet. We picked him up directly from the breeder in SD. He is up to date on his shots and has had a full check up at the vet. He checked out perfectly fine, no joint problems. There is a rehoming fee please call or txt me to discuss the fee. Thank You

Mmmm, breaded bulldog! There’s a lot of good eating on one of them. You may be in luck! Well, one of you may be in luck. Sparky the Third is looking for a dog!

Wanted: husky/malamute/shepherd/collie/golden type

Looking to adopt a dog on the mellow side, that has good manners. I am a devoted owner and hope to find one soon.

scam artists–do not bother, I will not be sending you any money for your fake dog

That is quite the mixed breed Sparky’s looking for. A Plott hound looks kinda like that. And the Frenchie could be his side kick. Or a light snack before mellowing out with his new devoted owner. Thanks for that last one, NinjaChow.

11 thoughts on “Post 89: The Dog Opposite of Whisperer

  1. Plott hounds (I had to google this, there is actually such a breed), breaded bulldogs, what is Craigslist coming to? Oh, and Sparky the third if you want a mellow dog you had better to some more research, the cross you are looking for is going to want to pull, guard, herd and fetch, there is no mellow in that mix at all. However if you’re doing renovations and don’t want to pay for the demolition a few hours alone at home and I think your boy can take care of that for you.

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  2. Just what Windy needs — a Plot Hound! Mate it with an Irish Setting for a novel romance.

    As far as breaded bulldogs, Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.

    I used to know a collie-type dog, but I don’t know about its manners. It was always barking at a well.

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  3. If the Plot thickens, will we still be able to bread him?

    And what’s with this “rehoming fee” bullshit? You’re selling the dog, just come out and say it.

    (this reply was dictated to my Golden Type dog, so you can blame him for any speeling eras)

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    • The cl pets section prohibits selling animals, but allows “small rehoming fees.” Many people want hundreds of dollars; there are regular flame wars about it. It’s a dog-eat-dog section.

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  4. I think sparky number two should get with sparky number three. The French bulldog has no problem with joints and sparky three wants a mellow dog. As long as sparky three doesn’t mind his dog always having the munchies.

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  5. I think there might have been a plot twist. Sparky said the Plot hound is fixed, but a newborn was the reason she has to go. I’m thinking the Plot thickened and the newborn is a subPlot.

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  6. Sparky 3 wants a dog with good manners. He will be disappointed with his goldcollherdhulamute / humashecogo. Everywhere knows they never send thank you notes.

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  7. Why is Sparky 2 rehoming the Frenchie? Sparky got him to bread him, so maybe the breading didn’t stick to his coat? I don’t see any on him in the picture. Or maybe it was the showing that didn’t work out. Perhaps he scored low in the swimsuit competition, or went all Miss South Carolina in the interview.

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