Post 102: Dawghter of the Regiment.

Yes, I am still searching for a canine companion of my very own. And thus I encounter so many startling rehoming ads. I wish Sparky would just give up on buying or adopting these pets in the first place. The dog would be happy, Sparky would be happy, and Animal Control would be happy. Everybody wins. Continue reading

Post 101: Downsizing!

I no longer am on a diet. I am downsizing! Everything must go! For a small fee, I will send you fat I haven’t even used yet. Seriously, I think I started to put on weight as a child, after being scarred for life from that sofa everyone had. You know the one. Continue reading

Post 100: Close Encounters of the Sparky Kind

I can’t believe we made it to one hundred. Some day, maybe the number of people reading this will equal that number! I dream big.

Sparky, on the other hand, dreams of aliens.

15 glowing alien masks

Featured image

condition: good
model name / number: Commander cram seibur alien

15 seibur alien masks. Slightly used. Slight damage and broken straps. Free to a good home. Ask for Phil. Call or text.

Submitter Ralph says: I count only 10 masks. And a mystery foot.

I have a sudden urge to watch that movie, Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag.