Post 90: Down in the Dumps

Remember the 1970s? Remember how everyone went camping in beautiful RVs and pulled a nice boat behind them? And then things changed and gas got pricier, and the RV and the boat just hung out in the back yard and shared stories about the good ole days. Then the boat started getting creaky and a little senile. She kept calling the RV “George.” The RV couldn’t hear her, anyway. He just watched the crap pile up around them, and wondered when the TV crew from Hoarders would be showing up.

Free trailer (Location )

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Free house trailer/ camper. Needs work.

Needs burning.  Next?

Free boat- cabin cruiser (Location )

Featured image

Free ocean going vessel. No motor. Needs work.

The last ocean this boat sailed on still had dinosaurs in it. Next?

RV septic system- Free (Location )

Featured image

Free RV septic system- you remove it.

Come on, dude!  Empty it, first!  Next?

Free CRAP (Location )

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Everything is going to the dump !!!

Looks like everything needs work. That septic tank looks familiar. Well, it’s all downhill to the dump, Sparky. All that crap will just roll right along. Thanks for all the ads, Ralph!

9 thoughts on “Post 90: Down in the Dumps

    • As you can tell from the boat registration, this is in a town in New Hampshire. It takes a vote of Town Meeting to acquire municipal property, with a few exceptions like conservation land, which this isn’t. There are too many other parts of that town that look like this for the voters to want it; I suspect either the town or the state ordered a cleanup since Sparky has been quite content to leave it decorated with George and his friends for 40 years.

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  1. “Free house trailer/ camper. Needs work.”
    “Free ocean going vessel. No motor. Needs work.”

    At first, I thought, maybe there isn’t many employment opportunities for trailers and boats.
    Then I realized, “Hey, if you’re not even going to try and make yourself presentable, nobody’s going to hire you.”
    The boat is a drifter. Or at least it would be if it was in the water.

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  2. [explanation point]A septic tank like that for an RV is pretty much useless. If the black water tank in the RV cannot be drained rapidly, (if the water drains out slowly) there will be a big pile of crap left in the tank.[/explanation point]

    It also looks like if you open the drain valve on the black water tank, you would get sprayed with sewage through those holes in the side of the septic tank.

    Looks like a real crappy setup.

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