Post 92: LOL Dude! Wait, what?

Parties are fun! Beer is awesome! Jello shooters are – hurk – gag – Uh oh.

Free Jello ! ! ! ! ! ! (Coldcock)

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condition: like new

So. . .uh. . ..I was spose to have folks over this pass weekend to drink some beers and the ladies wonted fruity drinks and jello shots so I uh made some jello and won of the ladies got sick and she uh cancelled and uh ruined the hole weekend I was upset but I drank 2 6 paks by miself it was pretty awe sum I’ve free jello but you need to come up to me in Coldcock it might be a bit of a hike for you people down in the residential areas but its worth it dudes and ladies I don’t know you know

Barter list – beer

Wait how long does Jello last?

Sparky apparently is not the sharpest beer in the pack. Thanks for the ad, Ralph. So fitting.

11 thoughts on “Post 92: LOL Dude! Wait, what?

  1. Does it come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

    BTW, Coldcock is a hole (weekend or otherwise) in the middle of nowhere about 10 miles from the Canadian border. The nearest “residential areas” of any size are about 50 miles away.

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