Post 93: Rock on!

Somewhere there is a Stone Farm where little pebbles are placed lovingly in the ground. Fertilizer and water help the pebbles grow into rocks and boulders. Then the public is allowed to come see the rocks and adopt them. But just like any pet that Sparky gets, chances are there will be a rehoming in the rock’s future.

Live rock 10lbs

Featured image

I have taken down my salt water tank and have about 10lbs of live rock available immediately.
Contact me to come and pick it up in new west. $50

As Ninjachow said, this may be the next phase of the pet rock fad. And apparently they live on a diet of Canadian beer.

5 thoughts on “Post 93: Rock on!

    • I first read this as “Liver rock” and had steeled myself for engrish jokes.
      To then become a comic collision between biology and geology. (Despite many claims to the contrary, aquarium coral is seldom actually alive–harvesting issues–but, it will deteriorate if taken out of the correct water mix.)

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  1. [corey] Live rock is actually a legitimate thing. It’s rock that has been in non stagnant water continuously since being removed from it’s original environment, to keep it’s inherent ecology (bacteriological and small critters) alive (thus the “live” rock) to help a new salt water aquarium settle and stabilize faster, as well as provide anchorage for coral being introduced to the aquarium. I spent $100 on live rock when I started my saltwater tank years ago. [/corey]

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