Post 95: A Bird in the Hand

Psst! Hey, Sparky. C’mere. Over here. That’s right. Say, you look like a guy who is looking for a bird. You know, a nice bundle of cuddly feathers that you could say little words to. Is that right? Well, all you gotta do is post on Craigslist. It’s as easy as that. Don’t know what kind of bird you want? No problem. Don’t have a cage? No problem! Don’t want to travel? Hey, it’s got wings, right? Right.

conure or ???? wanted (Guano rock)

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

i am looking for 1 bright, colorful bird. Tame, loves to be held, friendly. Would love to teach a bird to talk, say little words. Need cage, etc. for the bird. Don’t want to purchase for a big price. Just want to spoil and love a bright, healthy, happy bird
Pics please and fee
I live in guano rock so do t want to travel long distance

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship. A Norweigan blue is colorful, right? Right. Thanks, Ninjachow!

8 thoughts on “Post 95: A Bird in the Hand

  1. I’ve seen some oddball do loops before, but “t long distance” takes the cake.
    That and Spark’ has made the classic rookie mistake of not closing the loop.
    Which will put Spark’ into an inexpensive cage filled with colorful little words (and marry a cuttlefish for company ).

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