Post 96: Meat Sticks

Ever wonder why there are so many Sparkies out in the worlds? When you think about it, that means lots of Sparkies in times past have had sex and produced spawn. Okay, stop thinking about it! Yikes!

Jacking off in vista public place. – m4m

I’ll be inside my car jacking off come in and let’s jack off together then u leave. Seven6zeroXXXthreeX81. Serious only please. I have tinted windows.

The good news is this produces no spawn. The bad news is, where does he take the car for cleaning? Ew!

U.S. Bank Dannika – m4w (Towaway)

I came in this week and you helped me.. You usually do I am there often. You had a red top that day and I think you did something different with your make up and you looked really really good. Some times have dirty thoughts about you after that day Email me back if you wanna know who I am

Gosh, only a dozen people or so come in to the bank every day, Sparky. Good chance this one won’t breed, either.

Saw you at the front desk of the Comfort Suites Waterside at 11am – m4w (Waterside)

Featured image

Hi I saw you at the front desk of the Comfort Suites in Waterside around 11am! You were wearing orange-ish sexy shorts and a tub top, also had short brownish hair with sunglasses. You have some awesome tattoos on you back and arm and what looked like some kind of ghostly tattoo on your left shoulder. I wanted to say nice tattoo’s and see if you wanted to grab a drink but you left before I could say anything.

It’s so exciting that Sparky saw his future wife at the motel desk. There’s a good chance this one will work out-ish.

Were you a HOT BLONDE at the beach this week? – m4w

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I’ve been to the beach a few days this week. Were you a HOT BLONDE? I had a nice connection with some of you, whether you were a hottie in a bikini or just sitting on the beach playing your guitar.

Here’s me. Send me some pictures of you and your phone number. I happen to have a VERY LARGE and THICK MEATSTICK

Put BEACH BLONDIE in the subject line. Even if you weren’t at the beach, and you’re a cute chick, email me your pics and number and say hi.

Darn, I was the grey-haired hottie in the muu muu at the beach. I am not asking which parts he had a nice connection with. I hope he gets stung by a jellyfish on that rumored meatstick.

Bill, the agent at Badguys Bail Bonds in [Location] – m4m

body : athletic height : 6’1″ (185cm) status : single

age: 26

You’re really hot! I went in there a few days ago, you offered to help me, but I got stuck with the girl and the sun was shining through her window.

I definitely wish I would have got you instead! Tall, nice smile, funny and hot!

Again, this Sparky is not likely to generate crotch fruit, but was the sun through the window a bad thing? Does he want to hook up with this hot guy at a future time? And WHY WERE YOU IN THE BAIL BONDS STORE, SPARKY?

Dream guy – w4m

age: 29

Last night i dreamed i was stuck under a case of cement stairs, the kind with the slats. I was really scared and there was no way out. I had no clue how i had gotten there and people just kept walking over and past. Then this tall guy with glasses and brown hair nelt down, his face was right in front of mine and he said “oh my gosh you are so beautiful” we talked for a little bit i cant remember about what then he just picked up one of the steps as if it wasnt bolted in or anything and i wiggled out. He insisted on getting my phone number for some reason we were bolth on trips at the time and went to finish them. All day i have felt like i should go find him and waiting for the phone to ring but he wasnt real.
I have never dreamed about the perfect man before. It blows.

Poor Sparkette! Had a bad case of stairs and couldn’t get out. Her dream guy at least told her she’s beautiful. And as for future little ones, if you blow, you’re doing it wrong. 


14 thoughts on “Post 96: Meat Sticks

  1. “You were wearing orange-ish sexy shorts and a tub top”

    A tub top?
    So, do they float?
    Oh yes, they float. They both float. And if you climb into my tub top, you’ll float too.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “Were you a HOT BLONDE at the beach this week?”

    No, I was a HOT BRUNETTE at the beach this week.
    I am a HOT BLONDE on alternating weekends, but only at the spa.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. One of the things done to torture-er, train architect types fresh from school is to have them draw stair details. Then draw them over because the rest of the building changed. And again when the floor elevations change (or the intern chose the wrong elevations).
    So, you get to where you are more than passing familiar with stairs.

    In thirty years’ practice, I’ve no idea what “concrete stairs…with the slats” are.
    This makes me sore afraid that there could be places where sparkii are breeding.

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