Post 98: In Da Hood

Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages! Welcome to Sparky’s Three Ring Circus! For a small fee, you can witness the spectacle of a lifetime! In the center ring, straight from somewhere not here, observe as Sparky climbs into the hood and takes off!

NEW CLOTH Wool Coat XS/S – $68 (Richfolk)
It is a brand new winter wool coat, can be water wash. The hood can take off.
It is $249 + taxes in the store!
New with tags
Red color
2 pockets
Shoulder to shoulder 14.5″, armpit to armpit 16.5″, length 30″.

Please email me if have any questions. Thanks for looking!

Sadly, I waited too long to get to this gem, and the photos are no longer available. We’ll never know if the hood crashed and burned, or if it’s just the wool that smells like that. Thanks, Ninjachow, for the ad!


9 thoughts on “Post 98: In Da Hood

  1. 1) Can it be washed with anything else, like battery acid or clover honey?
    2) What exactly can the hood take off?
    3) What do you mean, income taxes or thumb taxes?
    4) Tags like Ninja Chew and unrealistic exploitations?
    5) Why only me? Why am I the only person to have to measure for a perfect fit?

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    • Richfolk is a community with a very high number of Chinese people and they tend to be very superstitious. I know 8 a lucky number to them, maybe $68 means something.

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