Post 101: Downsizing!

I no longer am on a diet. I am downsizing! Everything must go! For a small fee, I will send you fat I haven’t even used yet. Seriously, I think I started to put on weight as a child, after being scarred for life from that sofa everyone had. You know the one.


Featured imageFeatured image

Featured image
SAT JULY 25 — FOR SALE: FURNITURE: Knechtel Fruitwood Dining Suite (1 table with 3 inserts, 6 chairs incl captain’s chair & china cabinet)/5 pc maple kitchen suite/5 pc bedroom suite/desk & chair/2 swivel chairs/Broyhill sofa & loveseat/coffee table & matching end table/KITCHEN: some china/dinnerware/mugs/glasses PLUS LOTS MORE: Christmas decor/cameras (all brand new)/techie stuff/pressure washer – something for everyone (new & used) Please come and see for yourself. CASH ONLY (NO CHEQUES, PLEASE)/NO RETURNS/EVERYTHING AS IS. See you there!

Dang, I might have liked the china hutch, but I want one with the horizontal shelves, not verticle. How does Sparky make the dishes stay on there? Thanks, Ninjachow!

5 thoughts on “Post 101: Downsizing!

    • I’m more interested in the techie pressure washer. Sorry Capn, we’re not really trusting up here no cheques or checks but you could probably pay with Monopoly money and Sparky wouldn’t notice.

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  1. The first thing I noticed was this:

    “See you there!”

    Is Sparky not where this stuff is?

    Now three, act like wherever you are, that’s the place to be. “Isn’t this great?”

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