Post 102: Dawghter of the Regiment.

Yes, I am still searching for a canine companion of my very own. And thus I encounter so many startling rehoming ads. I wish Sparky would just give up on buying or adopting these pets in the first place. The dog would be happy, Sparky would be happy, and Animal Control would be happy. Everybody wins.

puppy needs home

8 weeks pit lab mix has shots comes with collar leash bed blankets small regiment fee awesome playful house broken for info call or text 7######583four

We joke about stuffing and breading these pets, but apparently there is a top breaded person who is showing Sparky how to do it.

Pure bread female German Shepard

Featured image
We are having to find a good home for our sweet and beautiful female German Shepard because we are moving to a condo. We got her from a top breaded and she was raised with lots of love. New owner must have large yard and good knowledge of caring for a great dog. She has been spayed and is up to date with her shots. We are moving in one month and are interviewing people now.we are very much hoping to find the right home for her.she is a very special dog and we paid 1800$ for her a re homing fee will be required. 300$

So, when did you get her, and when did you know you would be moving? Bye, Felicia!

11 thoughts on “Post 102: Dawghter of the Regiment.

  1. Unfortunately, in this state I can’t have a dog (even if it’s breaded) that lives in my house unless the dog can heat the house. New Hampshire law requires that “shelter” for dogs has to be “…of proportionate size as to allow the natural body heat of the dog to be retained.” I would have to get a much smaller house. See paragraph II-a.

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  2. Spark’ the Third Amendment specifically prohibits you from charging to home regiments large or small.

    Side note, British custom in the 1770s was that a Battalion was two Companies; and a Regiment, two Battlions, and was the military requirement of a Baron. Viscount for Batalions; Company a Knight; and Platoon a Squire–if esquired. This is where the tradition of calling an Attorney with full privileges at the Bar “Captain” from being esquired.

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