Post 115: The Trampoline Wars

When I was a wee bairn, I remember there being a gas station, also called a service station, on every corner downtown. Fuel was cheap in those days, and no, we didn’t tie onions to our belts. Sheesh. Anyway, the stations would give away glassware or antennae balls or kid toys. And they would lower their price per gallon by a few cents to lure in the budget-conscious motorist. Them were the days. Continue reading

Post 113: Special Tribute 3

Back in the old days of You Suck at Craigslist, One Moving Violation was a regular poster and commenter. He then had a medical emergency, during which many of us realized the world would be a sadder place without him. Luckily, it was not in his stars to leave us yet. We have enjoyed many long years of his humor. This ad displays just what that might be like.

wood stove – $200 (Location

Featured imageFeatured image

Good wood stove comes with triple wall and dingle wall pipe call or text XXX_XXX-XXXX.

Yes, there is a “Peterson Dingle pipe” – OMV

We don’t usually discuss Dingle pipes here. Not unless the ad came out of the missed connections section. Still, if that’s what One wants, that’s what One gets. Thanks, OMV, for the long years of jokes, puns, and eye rolls.