Post 103: A Good Soaking

Do you ever wonder what Craigslist is like in other countries? We get a nice peek at Canada thanks to Ninja Chow and Lou Stool, but what about England? What wonderful antiques could you find in a country that was old before 1776? Just imagine it.


condition: good

Featured imageFeatured image

Featured image

This is your chance to obtain a fresh find of American history in Motorcycling. This package is what is left of a 1913 Excelsior motorcycle that was found in dry storage in a home in the midwest. Supurb condition and ready to go back in service.
Excelsior Model 7 — C Twin Cylinder Original parts bike.
This is a partial, original motorcycle that was found in dry storage in a home .
Paint: Undercoat of paint is correct for 1913.
Sheet metal: The front fender is intact and in remarkable shape.(including the original mud flap)
Tires and Rims: Rims are correct for the 1913 model year and the spokes remain taunt. The original rubber is on the rims but not usable except as wall décor.
Mechanical: The motor doe not turn free but in great shape, typical for a motor that has sat for over 77 to 100 years. Should free right up with a good soaking. Timing gears all in place and minimal sign of wear. No broken fins and the carb is complete.

Check the pictures and ask questions. No other parts have been found or available.

Well, a good soaking will be had by all, me thinks. Sparky is Sparky wherever we go.

10 thoughts on “Post 103: A Good Soaking

  1. I don’t think soaking that in conditioner is going to improve its condition.

    Taunting the spokes would seem unproductive. (Ooh, lets hear how good you speak. Come on, say something.)

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