Post 104: And it isn’t Even Thanksgiving!

Tell me these ads don’t make you want to find the Sparky who posted them and make them write 100 times “I will learn how to spell before I bread again.” Maybe I am being too critical. In some parts of the States, it can get pretty cold during the winter. A stiff drink and a delicacy served next to the fire is something to be dreamed of.

cocktail .cage, food . Location.nh

Featured imageFeatured image

Little over a year old cocktail, cage, food, and toys, and play ground. 125.oo

A year old? I’ll pass on the cocktail. Let’s get right to the main course.

1 year old breaded dragon (Different Location nh)

Featured imageFeatured image

Featured image

I have a beautiful breaded dragon for rehoming she comes w all lights 40 gallon tank leash. Her name is Luna she is a cuddle bug loves baths walks..and she is great w kids..she sleeps w my 5 year old some times and gives kisses there is a rehoming fee that is negotiable

She’s not giving kisses, she’s tasting you! RUN! Thanks for the ads, Ralph!

9 thoughts on “Post 104: And it isn’t Even Thanksgiving!

  1. The dragon comes with lights? I thought they breathed fire. Is that why she’s leashed to a 40 gallon tank — extra propane?

    Maybe that’s how the bread gets baked.

    I’m confused; maybe I need a stiff cocktail.

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  2. Uh, I’m pretty sure the problem here is that the tank needs a leash. Sorry, I want my habitats stationary (unless the word “travel” is commonly associated with them).

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  3. Luna the breaded dragon
    sits on my knee.
    But I have to give her up
    for a small rehoming fee.

    She loves to walk and take baths
    and cuddle with my kid.
    I tried to take her breading off
    but she just ran and hid.

    She has a leash for her tank,
    her 40 gallon home.
    All her lights and bugs she bites
    insures that she won’t roam.

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