Post 105: The Luck of the Irish

While checking out Craigslist in other countries, I found a lot of interesting things. I found rumors of special powers. I found promises of magic. I found rare and hand carved symbols. And I found out the Irish Sweepstakes isn’t a horse race any longer.

Antique Irish occult 7 chairs Mulligan – €28000

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

these chairs are Quite RARE possibly date back to the 1700s, made of oak all hand carved, condition is excellent for the age, there are a couple of wedges missing from the stretchers, red leather apolstery could have been done in the mid 19th C.

the triquetra symbol is a little different then most, it has the tri-circle geometric design representing the fruit of life

copper 4 sided pyramid tacks are also a symbol of power, which the chairs have plenty of those

this is possibly nights of templar or occult>magic furniture, email me with any questions

there is the mulligan clan crest on the chairs and the link is below for reference

The Mulligan clan crest! Wow! If I were a Mulligan, that would mean something to me. But I never took up golf. Best of luck, O’Sparky.

4 thoughts on “Post 105: The Luck of the Irish

  1. “email me with any questions”

    Um, why did you spell knights without the “k”?

    Um, why did you capitalize the “Q” in “quite” when it was mid sentence, but you did not capitalize the “t” in “these” when “these” was at the beginning of the sentence?


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