Post 106: Oh, Hull No!

Good morning, students. Today, we will learn how to find someone to help you move rubbish out of your yard without paying them anything. In fact, you will act as if you are doing them a favor. This is the Sparky Rule of Economics and Yard Maintenance.

sail boat (Doltish)

Featured imageFeatured image
I have a 17 ft. Sail boat that is free come get it out of my yard

As you see, Sparky emphasizes the length of his item. He claims it is a sail boat, but there is no mast or sail seen in either photo. Also the hull doesn’t look seaworthy. It doesn’t look kiddie pool worthy. But here’s the ketch. (Nautical humor!) The photos show that Sparky attempted to sell the boat for a nominal fee. Now when you look at the ad, you think you are getting something worth money for free! And so the sail boat goes to a new home and Sparky can mow his lawn again.

Thanks for the ad, Ralph, very elucidating.