Post 109: That’s Entertainment!

Gene Kelly! Fred Astaire! Frick and Frack! Jonesy the Wonder Poodle! Where have they all gone? Why don’t they make movies like that any longer?

Oh, I think I found the place where Jonesy went. Sorry about that.

*** free Flatscreen Entertainment Center PRICED TO SELL! *** (Dowdy)

Featured image

Used entertainment center, approximately 54″ tall, 69″ wide, with space for up to about a 45″ widescreen TV (we had a 42″ and it fit with room to spare). Sturdy but still light weight with lots of storage! Has adjustable shelves for 3 openings on the bottom. Comes apart for easy transport.

Uh, Sparky, how about you include that price in the ad? Might make people more likely to call about it. Oh well. Thanks for the entertainment, Ralph.

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