Post 111: Special Tribute 1

Doing this blog is a load of work, and I could not do it without those who kindly provide silly ads for us to lampoon. This week I want to pay special tribute to the three constant submitters without whom this thankless job would be, well, more thankless.

First, Ralph sends in wonderful rubbish like this one:

Down in the Dumps, Part 2
Sparky is still flogging the RV (no interior pics this time), and has added some hazwaste. See below.

31 foot camper trailer (Hobo Junction)

Featured image

Free RV camper trailer. First one who has a truck gets it. Ready to roll.

Featured imageFeatured image

Featured imageFeatured image

Free Methenol Free Methanol- about 18 gallons- must take the other drums of liquid in the photos plus 2 others.

Oh, I must, must I? Let us assume that some person of authority is coming to fine Sparky based on the amount of hazwaste present. Shouldn’t he be happy to get rid of one drum at the very least? Darn, there I go thinking logically. Let me hit myself in the head with a brick until the feeling passes.

Thank you, Ralph, for sticking with the show!

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