Post 112: Special Tribute 2

Like me, NinjaChow is a fan of canines, and she often finds the most unusual ads. Some ads are of Sparky, for Sparkey, by Sparky. And there are lots and lots of pictures. Because Sparkey is deaf as one of these posts.


Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Sparkey is a 10 month old male pup. He is super playful, loving and silly. He has deaf. You wouldn’t even know he was deaf until he is sleeping. He is dog friendly, and is good with my cats. He is looking for his forever home! He is up to date on shots and is fixed. Adoption fee and home check required. If you are interested in setting up a meet and greet with Sparkey tell me a little about your family and the home you’d provide this sweet boy!

He’s super and playful and loving and silly
Don’t know he’s deaf til he gets out his pilly
Adoption fee and a home check required
This is his fate when the family gets tired.

Hey, what do you want for free? Thanks, NinjaChow! No matter how I spell your name, I always appreciate your submitted ads.

9 thoughts on “Post 112: Special Tribute 2

  1. Maybe “has deaf” is a secret password. Here’s some dialogue from the movie “Ishtar” with Dustin Hoffman:

    l am speaking English. You tell me, l tell him.

    Thank you. Would you tell him l want to buy a blind camel?

    A blind camel. He will find you a blind camel. He also knows of a camel which has a crippled leg and no teeth. He will sell you both for a special price. Would you like a dead camel?

    No, no. Just tell him l wanna buy a blind camel. He’ll know what l mean.

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