Post 115: The Trampoline Wars

When I was a wee bairn, I remember there being a gas station, also called a service station, on every corner downtown. Fuel was cheap in those days, and no, we didn’t tie onions to our belts. Sheesh. Anyway, the stations would give away glassware or antennae balls or kid toys. And they would lower their price per gallon by a few cents to lure in the budget-conscious motorist. Them were the days.

Free Trampoline

Featured image

Free trampoline. Trampoline is ripped. This is very heavy duty. Someone can get a new surface or scrap it out. It will need to be taken apart and will need a truck. I cannot help!

Double Trampoline Free!

Featured imageFeatured image

This double trampoline is free! It is yours for the taking & dismantling.
It could be easily netted & used for jumping. The springs & trampoline are in good shape and the metal frame strong & secure.
I’ve bed told that the metal is valuable.
Please let me know if you are interested.

Trampolines at fifty paces. Twang! Oh, Sparky. That’s going to leave a mark.

3 thoughts on “Post 115: The Trampoline Wars

  1. I cot that you don’t get out much, Spark.
    Yes, metal has value. Probably not enough for me to come hacksaw your Playa really abomination, though.
    The fact that you are unsure if a trampoline can be used for jumping troubles me.
    It suggests you are a jelly glass short of your green stamps book.

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