Post 127: Gutter Balls

The job market has not been wonderful for many a year, and anyone lucky enough to get a job should be doing their very best to keep that job. Show up on time, return from breaks on time, and work all day as if you loved the job. It’s amazing what a positive attitude can do for a person. Continue reading

Post 126: When You Gotta Go

Could it be that Sparky tried to help the homeless by setting up a loo in his front yard? Could it be that this idea went horribly wrong? Now he has vampire porcelain that can’t be left out in the sun. At least there’s no worry about hooking it up to plumbing. Just go somewhere else if you had the garlic special pizza. Continue reading

Post 125: More Dr. Seuss on Craigslist

Gonna make this short and sweet.

Sparky wants to sell a box,
He can’t sell it to a fox.
Claims the box’s ass is bad.
How much free beer has he had?

Bad ass box for a 12 – $50 (amnot)

Great condition.

OMV – But I have 13.

Sparky, how can a box be bad ass? What kind of box are we talking about? No pictures, so your idea of great condition might be a little shy of my requirements. Just saying.

Thanks, One! Keep those bad ass cards and letters coming in.