Post 116: Winner Talks All

Back when TacoMagic used to post on You Suck at Craigslist, he was the king of typos. We often expected he was using coffee mugs instead of fingers. Well, here we have a possible distant relative who would hold his own in a head-to-head death match typo-thon with the Enchanted Chalupa.

CURN ALERT !!! All for free. Decent stuff

Featured imageFeatured image

Featured image

I have all kinds of free items in front of my house free for the taking. Must take all. Lots of nice Christmas decorations some brand-new and a few other miscellaneous things, Including two small craftsman toolboxes.

Pick up only no phone calls or emails when it is gone I will remove it.

Located at XX McKee Drive City, State XXXXX. ( which is The trailer park across from planet fitness on for Eddie Road )

Ralph says that for Eddie Road is really Fort Eddy Road. I’d call to verify, but no phone calls when it is gone. I guess I will just wait at the curn and stay alert. Thanks, Ralph!

4 thoughts on “Post 116: Winner Talks All

  1. Oh curn, how have I lived thus long without that pastel palm tree print?

    Spark is not going to be happy when those Shelbyville types rump the cooler out to just take all of that.

    I’m picturing this forlorn unicyclist treading down port Edda Road all glum and downtrodden—A wheel! A wheel!

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