Post 119: The Honeymoon

Sparky and his bride have been dressed in appropriate wedding clothes. The wedding is over and now we are off to the long-awaited night when they each find out the other is not a virgin.

Still, there should be a little fun and mystery to the wedding night. The bride could choose this outfit:

Featured image

The groom could choose this one:

Featured image

Wait, this is Craigslist. Here’s where reality comes in.

+++Brand New Lingerie/Baby Doll/Teddy/Party/Club Dress+++ – $10 (I.E.

Featured image

These are size small, brand new in package. Nude/tan/natural color. Stretches with clear backstop.

Perfect for intimate setting or going out to the club… Drop your hot booty into this one and watch out!

***If you the first to offer to model this so I can get a pic of what this looks like on, I will give the garment to you as email you the pics with ONE retouched, all for free(I have several to sell)!!!***

(…Yes I am a photographer and retoucher…Looking for something I can post here, your face will not be shown in photo posted.)

I can meet at Queenie Gardens Mall

***-You will need to send a face and casual(dressed) photo for this opportunity…

Make that 38.

6 thoughts on “Post 119: The Honeymoon

  1. “I will give the garment to you as email you the pics with ONE retouched”

    But I don’t want you to touch me again!


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