Post 121: Sit! Stay! Good Sparky.

We seem to speak a different language than the Craigslist Sparky Tribe. Today’s example is the phrase Fine Art Sculpture. Fine in our language means something of excellent workmanship and design, worthy of display in a museum.

Likewise, Art means the result of talent being applied in various mediums. Usually something, once again, worthy of display in a museum or gallery. And Sculpture means taking a raw material and removing the bits that aren’t needed for the item being sculpted. Now let’s see what this means in Sparky.

Fine Art Sculpture – $50 (coolashell)

Featured image

Featured imageFeatured image

A street art sculpture

Wow. Hours of work went into that one. A little graffitti, and little splashed paint, and there you have it. Spark Art. That’s fine. Thanks, One, keep up the good work.

4 thoughts on “Post 121: Sit! Stay! Good Sparky.

  1. Sparky gets into fight with significant other. Significant other vandalizes Sparky’s favorite stool. Sparky thinks he can pass it off as art and make a profit.

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