Post 122: Weekend Windfall

Happy Friday, you mad party hardy folks! If you live near Freedom, NH, you might want to swing by this Sparky’s place and pick up some supplies. The price is right, and it’s been kept cold all summer long.

free beer (freedom)

time to clean out summer frig free cold beer .12 pack coors lt and about case of other micro brew stuff All still good and been cold nothing I like so if that’s what you drink come get I want to unplug frig for winter must be over 21 no I’d no beer. Thanks

1. The legal drinking age is 21. Why punish those who are just getting started?

2. Why does he insist on contractions? And how is he going to check that you have always used them?

3. Coors lt? Not even for free.

Thanks Ralph, another tempting submission. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Post 122: Weekend Windfall

  1. 12/100 of a pack of coos lt?
    That’s, uh, one eighth of six; or perhaps of 12–better, but still a mess with thar half beer–if the ‘pack’ is a case, that’d be 3. Which is likely the only whole number in Spark’s repoirtoir.

    Probably not a good idea to give beer to those with no id, they’re probably zomb-

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