Post 123: Easy!

Do you know what is the most interesting thing about appliances? The most interesting thing is that they do exactly what you expect them to do. You plug them in, turn them on, and your clothes get washed and dried, your dishes get cleaned, your carpet dirt is sucked up, your bread is toasted, and your cold cuts stay cold.

Apparently this is brand new technology to Sparky.

Huge TV turns on turns off (Laconic)

Featured image

make / manufacturer: Rca
Get this out of my house.

I can only get it out of your house if the front door opens. Or a really big window. Also the dog may prove to be an obstacle. If I get tired, may I nap on your couch or stare at your aquarium? Thanks again, Ralph, always fun in your part of Craigslist.

8 thoughts on “Post 123: Easy!

    • [explanation point] As TVs go, getting turned on may cause a sense of arousal and a display of some kind of action. Whereas getting turned off might get you a blank look and very little satisfactory entertainment.[/explanation point]

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  1. Spark’ here is clearly technological genie of some sort.

    This tv is not a 84 or 72 inch huge screen, but huge in depth for having a tube (crt) screen.

    Helpfully, we are told that the device has a working off switch; but nothing on the other connections that might need to be made. Spark’ don’t care, it’s huge and he wants it to go away, probably wide see daylight, so the tally man can tally my tarantulas…

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  2. Maybe it has the clap.

    More probably it is defective and turns itself off right after you turn it on, like some women I’ve known. Sparky is not very explicit on this point.

    Nobody wants to acquire old projectile TV’s, and Laconia NH charges $30 to recycle them at its Transfer Station. Best Buy will recycle most TV’s and electronics for free, but not these relics. Maybe you could gut the cabinet to use for a puppet theater for pornographic Punch and Judy shows?

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  3. [corey] In Canada they make you pay a recycling fee when you buy electronics so you don’t have to pay when you return them to the recycling centers. Unfortunately since you also don’t get anything back when you return them a lot of people just dump them at the side of the road. [/corey]

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  4. On a similar note, I had a TV/VCR combo. Whenever I wanted to watch a movie, I would put a VHS tape in. Within 3 seconds, the TV would turn off. I would try several times to get the tape to play with the same results. The only way to get it to work properly was to put in “Star Wars”. It would start to play. I could then take it out and put in the other VHS tape and it would work. It’s nice to have things that know how to show other things how it’s done.


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