Post 124: What’s That Sound?

And lo, it came to pass that Sparky did take a wife, and begat a daughter. In the fullness of time, Sparky passed on and left his wife and daughter to fend for themselves. Unto them came the idea to rid themselves of the material things of this world, and move on, unencumbered by minty things.

They did list the items, and did post photos, and did most fervently hope that the loud and unloved dinning table with minimum stains on top would be the first thing to go.


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Hi there!

This is a mother and daughter family having a moving sale. Everything must go as we are moving at the end of this month, so we are open to offers! All the furniture being displayed are in great condition, we always maintain our things at their best, all are very clean and kept well! We also have a lot of extra things which are not listed here, so feel free to set a time and come visit!! Pretty much the whole apartment is up for sale!!!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we also offer huge discount if you are interested in buying multiple pieces. We are very decent and nice people, and our prices are also very reasonable, nothing is from Ikea, everything is from a brand name with great quality!! And our prices below already carry at least a 30%-50% off bargain, but again, we are open to offers as everything must go!!

Prices are as followed:

1. Painting on the wall: Mint condition, 50 (Could be free as a gift when buying the sofa set).
2. Sofa: Great condition sectional sofa, comes in 2 parts, 900/each or 1600/both.
3. Glass side table: Mint condition, 300. (SOLD)
4. Glass coffee table: Mint condition, 600.
5. Land lamp: Great condition, 300.
6. Bamboo: Mint condition. can be used outside, 300.
7. Dining chairs: All leather, mint condition, 100/each, 350 for all 4 (2 Black and 2 White).
8. Dinning table: Modern design, good condition with minimum stains on top, 500.

Thank you very much for your time and looking forward to hearing from you!
Wish you a very pleasant day. 🙂



Isn’t that a lovely way to end the ad? Yup, Canadian. Thanks, Ninjachow, for sharing a very pleasant day!

6 thoughts on “Post 124: What’s That Sound?

  1. I really prefer chocolate mint over just plain mint. Nobody ever says their items are in chocolate mint condition. Maybe that’s good though. I’d hate to wake up in the morning and discover I’d been gnawing on chair leg all night.

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