Post 127: Gutter Balls

The job market has not been wonderful for many a year, and anyone lucky enough to get a job should be doing their very best to keep that job. Show up on time, return from breaks on time, and work all day as if you loved the job. It’s amazing what a positive attitude can do for a person.


compensation: If you are not a lazy person it pays a lot !
employment type: full-time
We need help ! It’s a stable solid job as long as your not a dumb ass

Wow, that extra space before the exclamation point certainly helps get Sparky’s excitement across. I just wonder how much it pays for lazy persons, because on Craigslist you are going to find mostly lazy people and dumb asses. Now I am wondering how to finish the sentence, as long as your not a dumb ass – My not a dumb ass wants to know, too.

Thanks, One, for this extra special fun ad!

6 thoughts on “Post 127: Gutter Balls

  1. Giving employer-sparky the benefit of the doubt, it can be tough to find people who will comiitt to seamless metalwork.

    It’s not rock ed t surgery, but it takes skill. It takes some agility to set the gutters up on the house (esp. if the fascia, eaves and the like are in bad shape). The customer is often _right there_ which is often not as much good as it could be.

    So, this is complicated.

    More so I’d sparky – boss only wants to pay $6-7 per hour for the desired skill set. It can also be tough if spark wants his help to put in the same 10-12 hour days he does

    So, it’s hard to say which donkey is needed, smart, dumb, or Jack.

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  2. “It’s a stable solid job as long as your not a dumb ass”

    So if you are a dumb ass, is it an unstable gaseous job? (You just kind of fart around?)

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