Post 128: Lack a Day

It’s Friday. It’s the day before Halloween. I think I’ll dress up as this Sparky.

Cute blonde at Ralph’s Thursday y afternoon – m4w (Ralphs downtown)

To the cute blonde I asked about where the limeade was. I wanted to ask for your phone number just got side tracked with other things, people hadn’t seen in a while hopefully you see this and reply. I had the lack t shirt with a bike printed on it.

Do you mean the lack of a t shirt with the bike tire print where the shirt should have been? If you can’t find the limeade at Ralph’s on a Thursday y afternoon, buddy, you don’t need a blonde.

Get those submissions coming in, folks! You see what happens when I have to go looking on my own.

P.S. Boo!

2 thoughts on “Post 128: Lack a Day

  1. Is there a benefit concert I haven’t heard about because of a problem with limes? 

    I’m not surprised Sparky was distracted — there was some good herb around Thursdayyish, but the only blonde I remember was a Golden Retriever.

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