Post 129: Sparky Anatomy 101

The first thing to know about Sparky anatomy is that you might see something new.

Beautiful women of La La Land – m4w

All you gorgeous ladies down at the beach………. I wish you would be more friendly.

Say hi to the hot surfers that you are checking out, especially when we are towel changing 🙂
We are not shy and would love to show you anything you want to see. Maybe even show you some new things haha

Second, Sparky can smile in his chest.

A Dream, A Vision – m4w

I closed my eyes last night and thought about life 50 years from now. Intense waves of happiness, sorrow, and pleasure at a life well lived consumed the folds of my mind. You were formerly the one that was ever present in those imaginings many moons ago, yet you were the only one who greeted me as the night transformed into a dreamscape. It was but a dream, but a dream I struggled to stay in for as long as the night allowed. In that world, everything was as it was supposed to be and should be today.

I hope to see you tonight, if only for a constructed fiction of delusional happiness and a permanent smile across the recesses of my chest.

Third, Sparky has sex with his eyes.

Eye f-ing me in the waiting room – m4w

body : fit

You: Petite, twenty something

Me: Thirtyish, 6′ muscular

I was speaking to the receptionist and you walked in. We made brief eye contact and you smiled, I turned back to the receptionist and continued our conversation. As I was talking to her I could feel your eyes on me. I turned and looked and you were clearly staring rather shamelessly at my ass, then your gaze traveled up my body until our eyes met and I briefly smiled at you.

It would have been awkward to strike up a conversation there in the waiting room, but if by some chance you see this shoot me an email and you can check me out all you want lol

This will all be on the test on Friday.

2 thoughts on “Post 129: Sparky Anatomy 101

  1. He’s got high hopes.
    He’s got high hopes.
    He’s got hot apple pie
    in the sky hopes.

    He’s got all nopes.
    He’s got all nopes.
    He’s got I don’t know why
    he’d try at all nopes.

    Liked by 1 person

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