Post 131: Super-Glidey

Language flows and changes with the times, which is why time travel is a load of hooey. You would not understand what people were saying some centuries ago, and they would think you were a loonie. For instance, in 1769, if you ordered a plate of macaroni, you would have to clarify if you meant the exotic dish or the fashionable young men.

You might describe yourself as feisty, but if you are in 1811 London, you are saying you fart and blame it on your dog. A doctor of that time will tell say you have the vapors, which means stomach gas is having an influence on your brain.

Luckily, Sparky always knows what he’s talking about, and even is brave enough to make up new words.

skookum filing cabinet!

Featured image

This skookum metal file cabinet with super-glidey pull-out shelves. All shelves have covers that slide closed. It organizes a ton of stuff with easy access and a relatively small footprint (36″ w x 18″ d)

Spray paint it a cool colour! Organize your life! It organized ours real well until the studio rejig, and its footprint no longer fits The Grand Vision. But it’s still really awesome and will be missed.

First come, first serve. Computer not included.

Sparky is being supercilious and superficial. Hope the Grand Vision is all he expects it to be. Thanks, NinjaChow! You done real well.

5 thoughts on “Post 131: Super-Glidey

  1. Have to wonder a bit. Skookum is a Chinook word meaning brave or practical. It’s also a robotics company in the PNW.

    So, this file cabinet may be previously owned (as they say in the auto biz).

    I also wonder if their version of “rejig” is pronounced with a “g” or a “j” sound. Which might make a difference between a reiterated Irish dance or a new fixture used for manufacturing. O the World wonders.

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  2. “It organizes a ton of stuff”

    I find this quite hard to believe. I bought an organizer once, but it didn’t organize anything. It just sat there and sat there and sat there.

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