Post 134: Karma Camelion

What comes around, goes around, but you don’t see it coming because it can change its appearance. I know giraffes were called Camelopards at one time. And do you know what rhymes with Camelopard? Peter Lombard! He was actually a big deal in the 1100s. So anyway, this pet that Sparky is trying to sell is a Camel.Not.A.Lion.

Camelion friendly to handle!!! (Milord)

we have cage, lights entire cage set up and a very friendly camelion named “Cornelious” that we would like to re-home. We already have cats and dogs and find it hard to give her the attention she deserves.

Please e-mail if interested and we will send some pics and discuss details.

We can discuss details and defeets and dehead, too. Thanks, Ralph, for finding a totally new, different, never seen before Not.A.Lion.

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