Post 137: The Best Little Yard Sale in Location!

Every year at gift giving time, I ask myself, why buy brand new shiny things for kids and adults when they are just going to resell them or not use them, or let them sit in the yard and rust.

I’m not buying anyone on my list an ’89 Mercedes again. Instead, there’s water bottles, movies, belts, bolts and screws, old truck tires, oh I know my relatives in Missouri would love an authentic California surf board!

Best yard sale in Ville!

post 137 one

Wow, look at all the stuff!

post 137 three

There’s that thing I have always wanted.

post 137 two

Belts! Must have more belts!

All kinds if knick knacks, ? lot of costume jewelry, clothes (woman, men, and children), toys, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, movies, belts, computer parts, jewelry, child’s cabinet safely brackets, commercial metal shelving/ brackets, tube tv’s, birthday randoms, pool pump s, computer monitors, paint, wheel chair, electric cat litter scooper, scanner, assorted New water bottles, bolts, screws, brackets, some old truck tires, Halloween decorations and costumes, kitchen equipment, George foreman grills, swimming gear (all ages), surf boards, video game accessories including a very expensive ARX vibrating with bass and speaker game chair (no cord, don’t know if it works), kids basketball chair, tools, jacks (small), 89 Mercedes 300 parts, and power tools.

Thanks, Sparky Claus! Ho Ho Hos at the Best Little Yard Sale.

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