Post 138: Out of Shapes

Let us consider the word “excellent.” A random on-line dictionary says that it means extremely good, outstanding. It’s also used to indicate approval or pleasure. Like: You Suck at Craigslist was an excellent idea!

Ninjachow submitted the ad below, and we think Sparky means “I hope you will pay some outrageous amount for my junk.” Or possibly that it’s not the furniture that is excellent, but the shapes that are.

Moving out Sale (Excellent Furniture)

All items are in EXCELLENT shapes like new!

Several Items for sale include:

1. Dresser ($89)

2. Shelves ($80)

2. Night Stand ($35)

3. Office Chair ($45)

4. Desk ($89)

5. Shoe Rack ($25)

6. Japanese table style ($35)

8. Cabinets ($80)

9. Many more! (including kitchen and household appliances, utensils, electronics and tools)

Just attach the picture(s) and send me an email for the price(s).

All you can bargain but in reasonable price(s)!

No lowball offer please!

Serious buyers ONLY!


As this is Thanksgiving week in lower North America, many folks will be wanting to get excellent shapes. Sparky will be raking in the dough. Thanks, Ninj! Always fun to get a slice of life from The Northern Wastelands.

4 thoughts on “Post 138: Out of Shapes

  1. Why is it that the Sparky/Sparkettes are incapable of cleaning the clutter off their furniture before they take the picture? Not that it would improve the quality of the “excellent” furniture but at least we could see it. And that octagonal end table is giving me 70/80s flashbacks, and not in a good way.

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