Post 140: Free Ass

Scotland, where men are men and sheep are scared. Where all the women have red hair. Everyone gets drunk as a hobby, second only to fighting. Especially other Scots. And shouting for FREEDOM until they are blue in the face. Oh, that might be the paint.

But the mother of all Scottish stereotypes is that they are not openhanded with cash. Corners will be cut in products, and top dollar will not be paid for anything. Which is why I went to Craigslist Edinburgh, and checked the free section.

There was only one ad, but I think it’s a very generous offer.

Donkey, needs a good field and care

He is called Mr.Jaggles. I can’t look after him anymore. Call #### 2#### for more info.

I’m almost certain that Jaggles is Scots for Kiss my Free Ass. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, stay away from the stores today.

6 thoughts on “Post 140: Free Ass

  1. It seems very quiet in here today, either everyone is having a turkey hangover or they aren’t listening to Auntie Windy’s advice to stay out of the stores.
    Canadian Thanksgiving was last month so here it is just work as usual.

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